Deepak Kumar Nath Has Trained Wipro Employees


Tech giant, Wipro is known for its pro-level IT services. It provides various software services and a well-known name the overseas countries.

Recently, Wipro has invited Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath, the founder of Global Tech Promoters and a leading cybersecurity expert of India. Global Tech Promoters and Wipro have one moto especially for Cyber Security Services and Cyber Security Training.

Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath has invited to train Wipro employees on eterprise security & risk management. It is very necessary for all the IT employee to know at least the basics of cybersecurity. In this IT world, it is essential to aware of the cybersecurity threats.

During the visit to Wipro, Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath had discussed with the technical manager, Delivery Head and Location Head, Mr. Alok & Hr Head, Mr. Nanda.

I have taken a personal interview of Deepak and came to know that he is very glad after meeting the meetup. According to him, the Wipro employees also shows deep interest to learn cybersecurity. Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath having an ocean of knowledge on this topic trend them as they want.

Deepak Kumar Nath, the CEO of Global Institute of Information & Security, have found and reported major critical vulnerabilities and got  honored with Hall Of Frames and Rewarded with Bounties from the World’s Branded IT Companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Blackberry, Sony, Sellfy, Bitcasa2, Get Pocket, Sky TV, Magneto, Master Card, ESET, Freelancer, Coulson and many more…

From now onwards Deepak Kumar Nath and Wipro have one moto and vision. To work in the field of cybersecurity and make the world a better place.


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