Deepak Kumar Nath Has visited CISCO ASC & ITC


Deepak Kumar Nath has visited CISCO ASC & ITC (East, Northeast and Southeast India) a few days back.

Instructor Training Center (ITC) is a unit managed by certified trainers, who are qualified to teach, assess and certify new instructors in level of CCNA, CCNP and CCNA Security.

Academy Support Center (ASC) provides support to other Cisco academies, stimulates the foundation of new academies and promotes the participation in training programs. It is currently providing support to five academies.

During the visit, Deepak Kumar Nath collab with Mr. Shubhajit Jagadev, the Head, CISCO ASC & ITC (East, Northeast and Southeast India). I have interviewed Deepak Kumar Nath and came to know that the meet up is was a joyful memory for him. 

During the visit, he also shares some valuable knowledge to the with the CISCO academy students. According to Deepak Kumar Nath, the feedback from the student is quite impressive as well.

Deepak Kumar Nath, the CEO of Global Institut2e of Information & Security, have found and reported major critical vulnerabilities and got  honored with Hall Of Frames and Rewarded with Bounties from the World’s Branded IT Companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Blackberry, Sony, Sellfy, Bitcasa2, Get Pocket, Sky TV, Magneto, Master Card, ESET, Freelancer, Coulson and many more…

With huge achievements in the field of cybersecurity, Deepak Kumar Nath has trained 15000+ Students on Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security.

CISCO and GIIS has a mission to Cybersecurity education and makes the world free of cybercrime.



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