Dell Resets All Customers’ Passwords After Suspected Security Breach


Computer manufacturing gaint Dell disclosed that its online electronics marketplace experienced a “cybersecurity incident” earlier this month. A an unknown group of hackers infiltrated its internal network.

On November 9, Dell found some unauthorized activity on its network. The hackers attempting to steal customer private information, including their names, email addresses and hashed passwords.

Dell says after initial investigation that they don’t found no evidence that the hackers succeeded to extract any information. But as a precautions, Dell has reset passwords for all accounts on website. This is a welcome step, whether the data had been stolen or not. If hackers succeded to still the data from Dell, then it could be a huge data breach.

In a press release statement, Dell¬†said,¬†“Credit card and other sensitive customer information were not targeted. The incident did not impact any Dell products or services”.

If you have ever created an account on the website to get any product or services then you are recomended to change your password.

Dell also said, “Upon detection of the attempted extraction, Dell immediately implemented countermeasures and initiated an investigation. Dell also retained a digital forensics firm to conduct an independent investigation and has engaged law enforcement”.

Whenever the next official statement announce, we will update you here.


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