Scammers Target Netflix User To Steal Personal Data


The US’ Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning the Netflix users about a new phishing scam that involves cybercriminals stealing users’ personal and payment card information. The scam involves cybercriminals sending users emails that trick users into believing that their Netflix account has been suspended.

Modus operandi

Targeted users are sent scam emails that claims the recipient’s Netflix account has been put on hold due to some trouble with the current billing information. The email urges users to update their payment information by clicking on a link attached in the email.

The scammers also include an international phone number in the email. This is meant to pose as a customer care service and convince victims of the legitimacy of the request.

Detecting the scam

The FTC has requested users to closely monitor emails related to Netflix. Users are recommended to pay close attention to the contents of such emails, focusing on any clues such as bad grammar and spelling mistakes. These are general markers of a typical phishing email.

In the wake of such escalating scams, Netflix said that it has employed several proactive steps to detect fraudulent activities and better secure Netflix users’ accounts.

“We take the security of our members’ accounts seriously and Netflix employs numerous proactive measures to detect fraudulent activity to keep the Netflix service and our members’ accounts secure. Unfortunately, scams are common on the internet and target popular brands such as Netflix and other companies with large customer bases to lure users into giving out personal information,” said Netflix, Variety reported.

It is recommended that users visit the Netflix site directly by typing the name on the address bar, instead of clicking on links given in the email.


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